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"I Love Dance" Essay Contest

Congratulations to the Winners of our
"I Love Dance" Essay Contest

Students submitted essays during the month of February about why they love to dance, how dance and BAC has influenced their lives, and how dance makes them feel.  Winners were chosen by a panel of BAC faculty and staff. 

Upper School Winners:

First Prize:
A $100.00 scholarship towards tuition at BAC
Michelle Zhang - Age 14
Second Prize: A $50.00 Gift Certificate to Patterson's Back Bay Dancewear
Angelica Maloney - Age 12
Lower School Winners:
First Prize:
A $100.00 scholarship towards tuition at BAC
Madeleine Blandy - Age 9
Second Prize: A $50.00 Gift Certificate to Patterson's Back Bay Dancewear
Lily Swilling - Age 6
Congratulations to our Winners!
Thank you to all who participated!  Everyone did such a great job that we had a hard time picking the winners.  We loved reading about all the reasons you love to dance!  Here are some of our other favorite excerpts:

" . . . Dance has always been my passion.  Maybe it's the control of the dancer's body to execute each move flawlessly that intrigues me?  Or it could be the smile on the dancer's face that says they're loving what they are doing?  Either way I absolutely love dancing.  It brings such joy and happiness to so many people, both the person dancing and the people watching . . ." - Sydney, Age 12
" . . . BAC has influenced my life in a ton of different ways.  It has just made my life more exciting.  All of the teachers are so nice to us.  I have been coming here since I was three years old and I've enjoyed every moment of it.  I don't think I've ever had a bad day at BAC! . . . " - Brenna, Age 11
" . . . I love Jazz the best.  Jazz is very upbeat and fun.  You are straight and sassy and always moving around.  My second favorite is Ballet.  Ballet is as graceful as a swan. It is delicate and soft. Ballet is very mellow and pretty.  It is like a floating leaf dancing in the wind . . . " - Leila, Age 9
" . . Dancing is one of my biggest passions.  When I dance, it's like everything clears from my mind and I'm in a totally different world, especially with modern.  A lot of people think dance is really easy.  But I bet if you took one of my friends that do lots of sports into a modern or ballet class, they would have a very difficult time.  Being a dancer, you have to reach deep inside and find a very different person in yourself, and express that person.  That's a very hard thing to do and to discover about yourself . . . " - Taylor, Age 12
" . . . I love to do gallops.  Dance makes me feel happy and excited! . . " - Lucy, Age 3
" . . . I love dance for many reasons.  One reason is that it makes me twinkle and happy inside.  I love learning a new step because it's fun and hard, and that's what I like about dance . . . " - Emily, Age 8
 " . . . BAC has made my life more full and meaningful.  BAC has helped me to become a better dancer so that I can express myself better through movement.  BAC has influenced my life by helping me grow as a dancer and as a young woman.  Dance catches my heart and sets it twirling . . . " - Natalie, Age 14
" . . . Sometimes, after a class, your muscles feel sore.  I love that feeling! It tells you you've accomplished something, it tells you you've worked hard . . . " - Sophie, Age 11
" . . . It was one day in the Spring of 2012 when it hit me.  It was like a little bug or something bit me;   I was addicted.  Dance makes me feel a certain way I can't explain.  Like I'm on the top of the world, flying.  I can express all of my emotions through movement, and that alone is incredible.  Whenever I feel stressed, sad, or just angry, I listen to my favorite song and just, dance . . . " - Beaujena, Age 13
" . . . BAC is beautiful, lovely, awesome, active, nice, great, cool, creative, and loving!  The Ballet Arts Centre rocks! . . . "                - Chloe, Age 6
" . . . I love to dance and it is my passion to one day become a principle dancer, and it starts at BAC.  My life revolves around dance.  It feels like I do dance every day, and I like it.  The reason why I wanted to do dance is because I wanted to try something and go out of the box, and I think I made the right choice . . . " - Tea, Age 11
" . . . At BAC, every week I learn something new.  And when I hear the music come on I feel like a star rising.  From what BAC taught me, I feel like an awesome dancer, and the teachers are so nice - when I come in they always have a smile on their faces . . . " - Fiona, Age 8
" . . . Dancing makes me feel happy.  Every once in a while I like to do a little twirl.  When you dance, you express your feelings out lively.  Dancing can tell stories.  Just using your body can tell a story without using any words.  That's why dancing is still blooming in the world, continuing to share stories all over the globe . . . " - Sydney, Age 10
" . . . Dance is a symphony that is heard from movement and not sound
Dance simply slowly lifts you off the ground into another world
There are too many types to explain
But surely I will keep coming each year again and again
The voice of each step is unique and special to each and every dancer who has ever laid foot in a studio at BAC . . . "
- Eva, Age 9

For me, hobby is what you like to do the most in your free time.

My hobby is reading. I like it because I can do it everywhere and everytime. I began reading about seven years ago in  „upper-case letters“. I mostly like adventure stories like „LOTR“, „Eragon“ and „The Hobbit“. I also like sci-fi like „The Hunger Games“ but not so much. I´ve read three books in English. I think reading  is a good activity to everyone. Have a good reading!


My hobby is fishing. Someone thinks fishing is boring.But I think it`s fun.But this activity needs a lot of patience. And it depends on the season.You can catch with lots of things, like spinning or handrod.You can catsh a pike or other fish .But you need good equipment. Go and catch with your own bite.


My hobby is playing computer games. I began playing them five years ago. I only play them at home because we don´t have these computer games in school computers. I usually play every day. My favourite game is Counter- Strike. I play this game on my own computer. I like my hobby very much.


My hobby is dancing. I began dancing six years ago. I dance only at school. Kaie is my dancing teacher. Dancing lessons are twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My favourite dance is Polka. I like to wear national costumes. I like to go to dancing events. Last summer I danced at the dance festival in Tallinn with my schoolmates.  I am seriously interested  in dancing.  Dancing is fun.


A hobby is something someone wants to do in his or her free time. My hobby is reading. I started reading books when I was around 5 or 6. Reading is great, because there are so many books in the world. I usually borrow a book from the library, and when I like it I'm probably going to buy it. I have lots of books at home. You can read almost everywhere. It may take up a lot of your time, but it depends on the book. I don't have a favourite book, but I like Eragon, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter books. My favourite genre is adventure, but I like all the others too. You can also read books that teach you something new.


I think hobby is an activity what you do in your free time.My hobby is rhythmical gymnastics. I do it five times a week. I like it but sometimes I feel exhausted and I need more free time. Gymnastics is expensive sport. Rhythmical gymnastics is an indoor activity. I´ve done gymnastics for 8 years. By doing this I´m happy! My coaches are Airi Pärn, Karmen Orlovski and Sandra Ivanova who teaches ballet to us. In gymnastics I´ve been both the first and the last in competitions.


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