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Anonymous · 4 years ago

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Generally you can talk about the economic boom in the 1920s, then the events that led to Black Tuesday. Then compare that to the economic boom in the 1990s and the factors that have led us to this point. Then discuss how both affected the country and world. To help do this, you can also refer to the Glass-Steagall Act in 1933 which was created to help regulate banks to help gain control of the economy then how it was repealed under the Clinton administration in '99 and it's affects afterward. Then how WWII bailed the US out of the depression, but we also have 2 wars going on now which is enhancing the recession. Compare and contrast the world events then and now. Finally you can compare how FDR and Bush (plus Obama's propositions) planned to take us out of it. FDR tried to create jobs for the unemployed, market reforms called the New Deal (some accused it of it socialist), to take the country out of the depression. Bush, some call it socialism too, to give Wall Street it's bailout package recently. Plus we already bailed out the airlines now the automakers are looking for the same. Give your outlook on where we are headed vs. then.

Jessica · 2 years ago

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