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Welcome Back to School!

            Our grading policy/assessment criteria and expectations are explained in detail in this letter.  Please take the time to review with your son/daughter.  Please sign and return the bottom portion only.

            Our goal at is to introduce the students to many activities, both individual and team, to encourage enjoyment of physical activity.  We also strive to make students aware of the latest trends in physical fitness and how these trends relate to them now and in the future.

            We stress active participation, cooperation, effort, and preparation for class.  We strive to enable each student to meet success no matter what his/her skill level and physical capabilities may be.

Students must be prepared for class in order to participate in class.  A Phys. Ed. uniform is required for participation.  The uniform consists of:

-       Plain shorts and t-shirt with the student’s last name boldly printed on the leg of the shorts and back of the shirt.

-       Sneakers that can be tied tightly.

-       Sweat pants and sweat shirts are optional, but encouraged when cold weather arrives.

Every student will be issued a phys. ed. locker and combination lock in which to store

his/her uniform.  This locker and lock is their responsibility for the school year.  Please encourage and remind your son/daughter to be diligent about locking their uniform in their locker.  Lost locks will be charged a replacement fee at the end of the school year.

            If students lose or forget their uniform, they have the option of borrowing clothes from a friend, or borrowing clothes from the Physical Education office.  Details about students that are unprepared for class are on the second page under Assessment Criteria.

            Students are graded each day in Phys. Ed class.  They are graded on the fitness portion of class and on the skill/ activity portion of each class. 

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We have read and understand the policy and expectations for Physical Education class


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Assessment Criteria for KV Physical Education


90-100 – excellent, consistent effort, always cooperative, positive attitude, constantly active, understands the basic rules and can easily perform the basic skills necessary to do the activity


80-89 - good effort, cooperative, positive, active most of the time, understands the basic rules and can perform the basic skills necessary to do the activity


70-79 – inconsistent effort, cooperative most of the time, understands some of the rules and can perform some of the basic skills necessary to do the activity


60-69 - very little effort, uncooperative at times, poor attitude, not motivated to learn the rules and not motivated to perform the basic skills necessary to do the activity


0-59 - total lack of effort and cooperation, negative attitude, doesn’t perform the basic skills necessary to do the activity

Other Assessment Criteria


1st ND/Unprepared – NO PENALTY, written assignment required. 0% if assignment is not turned in


2nd ND/Unprepared – 0%, written assignment required, make up class is permitted, can raise grade for missed class up to 100%.


3rd ND/Unprepared – 0%, written assignment required, make up class is permitted, can raise grade for missed class up to 50%.


4th ND/Unprepared – 0%, written assignment required and make up class is NOT permitted


Make up classes are scheduled by the student with a Physical Education teacher.  They are held at a specified time or after school from 3:15 – 4 pm.  Make up classes are held in the Fitness or Spinning Room, and consist of 45 minutes of cardiovascular training and weight training.

Any student that is unprepared/excused for class will be issued a written assignment/classroom observation sheet that relates to fitness. That assignment must be handed in at the end of class.  This assignment is an alternative to participation in class, and holds the student accountable for that class period.

            Students that are excused from class do not have to attend make up classes, and the missed class does not affect their grade.  A parent note to be excused from class is acceptable for two consecutive class periods.  A doctors note is required if your child needs to be excused for more than two classes.  For doctor’s excusals lasting more than two weeks, an independent research project will be required.  Arrangements for this project will be made with the student’s individual teacher.


Distinguished Honor Roll and Honor Roll

The Health/Physical Education department recognizes that there will be some students that will have difficulty maintaining Distinguished Honor Roll/Honor Roll status in Physical Education.  We are offering the availability for students to earn extra credit in Physical Education by completing one project for each activity per marking period.  There will be several options available for completion, including but not limited to the following; design a game/activity, create a media presentation, complete a research project, and report on a current event.  It will be the students’ responsibility to track their grade and complete one of the respective projects within one week of completing each activity.  More details and specific criteria can be found on the KV Health and PE website. 

BOX 5-1

Instructional Framework for Fitness Education in Physical Education

Technique: Demonstrate competency in techniques needed to perform a variety of moderate to vigorous physical activities.

•  Technique in developing cardiovascular fitness.

• Technique when developing muscle strength and endurance activities.

• Technique in developing flexibility.

• Safety techniques.

Knowledge: Demonstrate understanding of fitness concepts, principles, strategies, and individual differences needed to participate and maintain a health-enhancing level of fitness.

•  Benefits of physical activity/dangers of physical inactivity.

• Basic anatomy and physiology.

• Physiologic responses to physical activity.

• Components of health-related fitness.

• Training principles (overload, specificity, progression) and workout elements.

• Application of the Frequency Intensity Time Type principle. Factors that influence physical activity choices.

Physical activity: Participate regularly in fitness-enhancing physical activity.

•  Physical activity participation (e.g., aerobic, muscle strength and endurance, bone strength, flexibility, enjoyment/social/personal meaning).

• Create an individualized physical activity plan.

• Self-monitor physical activity and adhere to a physical activity plan.

Health-related fitness: Achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of health-related fitness.

•  Physical fitness assessment (including self-assessment) and analysis.

• Setting goals and create a fitness improvement plan.

• Work to improve fitness components.

• Self-monitor and adjust plan.

• Achieve goals.

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