Most Horrible Day My Life Essay

The Most Horrible Day of My Life

By Easypolicy| 26 Oct 2016 | Term Insurance

Life offers a mix of happy moments and sad ones. Like change of seasons happiness and distress keep following one another. There are some days that offer such intense moments that both mind and intelligence succumb together. One such day came in my life; it was winter of 2nd December, 2011. I was having dinner with my family after a taxing day at work. Suddenly, the phone rang and at the other side of the call was my sister-in-law; she was crying and told me that my elder brother had passed away. I was shocked and the receiver fell from my hand. I reached his house as fast as I could; upon reaching there I consoled my family. When things were normal, I asked my sister-in-law whether bhaiya had any life insurance, to my utter dismay he hadn’t. He was only 40 and succumbed to a sudden cardiac arrest.

He was survived by his homemaker wife and a school going son. That typical tension was evident on bhabhi’s face that how would they meet ends, the savings won’t last for long. My elder brother was an engineer and was earning a good salary; his family was used to a decent standard of living, now the circumstances had taken a dramatic shift. His wife was also an engineer by qualification but chose to be a housewife after marriage. If in her late 30s she goes searching a job, she won’t find anything worth replacing even a fraction of the income my bother used to get in the house. Thus, the situation was very grave. It was my moral duty to support the family and since then I am taking their responsibility. Honestly speaking, at times the burden of this responsibility feels too heavy as I have my own family to support as well. But I never show it to bhabhi and my nephew. That is why I suggest everyone to get a life cover on priority basis.

Working class people live on a budget and have to plan for everything before purchasing. After paying for bills and saving for future, sometimes getting a life cover can appear to be too extravagant. One is often so busy in paying for things of immediate gratification that planning for death or its aftermath takes sidelines. Sometimes, we behave knowingly ignorant, it is not always that we skip to invest in a life insurance plan because of lack of awareness; it is because we don’t feel urgency for it. Planning for the aftermath of death sometimes seems like folklore or a prodigal activity. The psyche of delayed gratification or putting other’s interests before our own is something not easily attainable.

Whenever, we talk of a Term plan or other traditional life insurance plan, the biggest obstacle for the individual to buy it is that it does not offer any living benefits to him. The ideology of such people revolves too much around themselves and their love for their family is not unconditional. They care for their family because they need it. Such expression of love is based on selfish motives but real love is when you care for your family so much that their well being and happiness matters to you post your death also. This love is backed by servitude and responsibility. Yes, getting a term insurance plan won’t fetch you even a single penny while you are alive but it would give you immense peace of mind because of the surety that your family’s future is secured. Such galore of peace and tranquility is pricier than any amount of Premium that you’ll be paying for a life insurance plan.

Term insurance plan is the cheapest life insurance plan when you compare in terms of the sum Assured it is backed by. Especially if you buy it at a young age when you don’t have any illnesses, the premium costs you very cheap. The premium gets locked at the time of purchase of the plan, i.e., when you buy a plan, the premium remains same throughout the Policy period with only minor fluctuations, that too because of change in the rates of service tax. So, every sane person who is working and has a valid income proof should get a life cover at priority basis. One raises a family with so much toil, sweat and blood and seeing them happy is quite vindictive, then why let death put all that effort and sacrifices go in vein?

Essay about The Most Memorable Day of My Life

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Gisela Lopez
Ms. S. Nylander
English 1A
August 26, 2012
The Most Memorable Day of my Life
The most memorable day of my life was, September 4, 1995 in Chicago, IL. It was 6:00 a.m. when my alarm clock woke me up. The first day of high school was finally here. I was excited, but a lot more nervous. I got out of bed, got ready, and then was on my way to the bus stop. All I could think of is the stories I heard about high school being so horrible with all the mean teachers, the hard tests, and of course being a freshman does not help either. The bus ride to the school was only 30 minutes, but it seemed a lot longer. When we finally got there, I was more nervous than ever. The day ahead of me was about to get a lot more…show more content…

Their names were Susan and Alicia. I called them over and I talked with Susan and Alicia. That is when I introduced myself, then they did the same and we began to know more about each other, Susan and Alicia asked me where I was from and I said, “I am from Puerto Rico.” Then I asked Susan and Alicia where they were from and Susan said, “She was from New York” and Alicia said, “She was from Indiana”. After that, we spent the rest of the day together until the class was over. I will always remember that day because I had a chance to meet new friends. In addition, I met the most important friends that I have ever had.
As the school year progressed, I made many more friends that are new and even joined a club. This club was just for members of the football team, the student staff, and the cheerleaders. My friends and I became members because we were the team equipment managers. The name of our club was the dog pound. We had t-shirts and worked all the school events when the football team was involved, such as the home coming game and pep rallies, we had fun all year long. My friends and I were even members of the food service program. We cooked and served meals for different events and for different people in the school all year long. We also had cooking competitions were we won different types of awards and sometimes we were offered scholarships to different cooking schools. My friend Asia and I also joined the JROTC class where we were

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