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Solomon Asch Experiment a Study Of Conformity Essays and Research Papers

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    Solomon Asch argues that although there are instances where people will choose to be independent in their opinions, many choose to conform...
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  • Psy/301 Full Class All Dqs And Assignments
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  • Psy/301 Full Class All Dqs And Assignments
    conformity and obedience? For this discussion, please review Solomon Aschs (1958) study of conformity. The results of this study...
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    Solomon Aschs (1958) study of conformity. The results of this study, demonstrate how many of the individual participants conformed...
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    htm>. * "Solomon Asch Experiment (1958)A Study of Conformity." Solomon Asch Study Social Pressure Conformity Experiment Psychology. N.p., n.d. Web...
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    Asch to measure conformity. If the naive participant had figured out the experimenters aims the experiment was stopped. The results of Asch experiment...
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    criticism on Sheriffs study was by a psychologist named Solomon Asch. He basically states that the main problem with Sheriffs 1935 conformity experiment was that...
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    Aschs experiments on conformity, and distinguish between normative and informational social influence. Solomon Asch found that people will conform...
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  • Chap 16
    each can contribute to the creation and support of a family. In Aschs classic study on conformity, 5% of the participants went along with the incorrect, unanimous...
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  • Asch's Conformity Experiment
    researchers who have studied the power of conformity, including Solomon Asch whose experiments about line judgment are famous. In these experiments, Asch sets up...
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  • Criticisms Of Asch's Study (1956)
    many criticisms on his experiment discussing the validity, ethics and comparisons to other experiments to test conformity. Aschs original study can be criticised...
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  • Asch's Study
    conform to the wrong answer in a situation where the correct answer was always obvious. Method: He conducted a laboratory experiment to study conformity...
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Solomon Asch Conformity Experiments (1951) Essay

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In 1951, Solomon Asch carried out several experiments on conformity. The aim of these studies was to investigate conformity in a group environment situation. The purpose of these experiments was to see if an individual would be swayed by public pressure to go along with the incorrect answer. Asch believed that conformity reflects on relatively rational process in which people are pressured to change their behaviour. Asch designed experiments to measure the pressure of a group situation upon an individual judgment. Asch wanted to prove that conformity can really play a big role in disbelieving our own senses.

Asch initiated his experiment by making one of the particpants at ease. He asked a serious of elementary questions where the four…show more content…

The participants seated themselves around a table, these confederates were not known to each other, and most important concept of this experiment relied on the fact all of the participants were working together, but for one. They took turns in a fixed order to call out publicly which of three comparison lines was the same length as a standard line on the left card. In reality only one person was a naive participant who answered second to last, the rest were experimental confederates instructed to give erroneous responses.

The results were intriguing as there were large individual differences or variation in responses. However nonetheless what was evident was that 25 percent of participants remained independent throughout the trials, another 50 percent conformed to the erroneous majority in 6 or more trials and another 5 percent conformed on all 12 trials. Therefore the average conformity rate was 33 percent.

Asch used quantitative sampling method, which means that a positivist would argue that quantitative data is more accurate because it is scientific. Positivist approach will ensure that Asch experiments are reliable, and easily replicated by someone else and deliver same results. Although he used up to 7 people, Quantitative Data includes statistics and numbers to make his claim for high in reliability and

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