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From our own experience, we know how difficult it is to begin writing a thesis, especially if you don’t know how to start or structure it. For this reason, looking at other theses can be useful, as this can give you some initial ideas for how to get started.

In this article, you will find examples of different theses and dissertations. Many of the featured Ph.D. theses have received awards. Since doctoral dissertations must be published, their quality can be seen as an example for all postgraduate and undergraduate theses.

Each university has its own rules

As you peruse the examples below, consider that all universities have their own guidelines for writing theses. For example, Oxford University has specific requirements for each faculty regarding the number of words in a thesis, which can range from 50,000 to 100,000 words. At other universities, however, students may be required to limit their dissertations to only 20,000 words.

We highly recommend that you review your own university’s policies.

Examples of award-winning Ph.D. theses and dissertations

University: California Institute of Technology
Faculty: Physics
Author: Michael P. Mendenhall
Award: Dissertation Award in Nuclear Physics 2015
Level: Dissertation – Doctor of Philosophy
Title:Measurement of the neutron beta decay asymmetry using ultracold neutrons

University: University of Oxford – St Hilda’s College
Faculty: Computer Science
Author: Mattias P. Heinrich
Award: 2014 Sullivan Thesis Prize
Level: Dissertation – Doctor of Philosophy
Title:Deformable lung registration for pulmonary image analysis of MRI and CT scans

University: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Faculty: Mathematical, Physical & Life Sciences Division – Engineering Science
Author: John Criswell
Award: 2014 Doctoral Dissertation Award
Level: Dissertation – Doctor of Philosophy
Title:Secure Virtual Architecture: Security for Commodity Software Systems

University: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Faculty: Economics
Author: SeoJeong Lee
Award: Dissertation – Doctor of Philosophy
Level: 2014 Zellner Award
Title:Misspecification-Robust Bootstrap for Moment Condition Models

University: Stanford University
Faculty: Management Science and Engineering
Author: Shayan O. Gharan
Award: Doctoral Dissertation Award 2013
Level: Dissertation – Doctor of Philosophy
Title:New Rounding Techniques for the Design and Analysis of Approximation Algorithms

University: University of Minnesota
Faculty: Chemical Engineering
Author: Eric Vandre
Award: Dissertation – Doctor of Philosophy
Level: 2014 Andreas Acrivos Dissertation Award in Fluid Dynamics
Title:Onset of Dynamics Wetting Failure: The Mechanics of High-speed Fluid Displacement

University: Erasmus University Rotterdam
Faculty: Management
Author: Ezgi Akpinar
Award: McKinsey Marketing Dissertation Award 2014
Level: Dissertation – Doctor of Philosophy
Title:Consumer Information Sharing: Understanding Psychological Drivers of Social Transmission

University: University of Yale
Faculty: Economics
Author: Zhipeng Liao
Award: 2012 Zellner Award
Level: Dissertation – Doctor of Philosophy
Title:Shrinkage Methods for Automated Econometric Model Determination

University: University of Washington
Faculty: Computer Science & Engineering
Author: Keith N. Snavely
Award: Doctoral Dissertation Award 2009
Level: Dissertation – Doctor of Philosophy
Title:Scene Reconstruction and Visualization from Internet Photo Collections

Psychology Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Degree

The Ph.D. Degree offers students the opportunity to gain research experience and training in their area of interest. Students engage in research with faculty advisors and develop and conduct their own research projects. The Ph.D. Degree is appropriate for those students seeking academic or research positions, as well as those interested in working in the mental health or medical field.

1. General Requirements

The Ph.D. degree program typically takes between 2-4 years past the M.A. degree to complete.

  • For clinical psychology students there is an internship requirement.

2. Coursework Requirements

The following provides a guideline of the Ph.D. coursework requirements:

I. Foundation Courses

For Ph.D. candidates, completion of one additional Psychology Foundation Area course is required

  1. Cognitive: PSY 626, PSY 631
  2. Behavioral Neuroscience: PSY 622, PSY 633, PSY 634
  3. Developmental: PSY 640
  4. Social: PSY 650
  5. Clinical: PSY 670, PSY 676, PSY 776
  6. Community and Cultural Psychology: PSY 680

II. Research Methodology/Statistics

  • One additional three (3) credit course in statistics or psychometrics.

III. Research Courses (7x9, 699)

  • Students are expected to enroll in research courses each semester throughout their graduate training.
  • 7x9 is the preferred vehicle for research credits.

V. Dissertation (PSY 800)

  • Students must enroll in a minimum of 1–credit hour of dissertation credit during the semester they defend and submit their dissertation.

IV. Concentration Requirements

  • Final coursework requirements will vary among graduate concentration.
  • Be sure to consult the individual concentrations for any additional coursework guidelines.

3. Milestones of the Ph.D. Program

The following offers an overview of the process for obtaining a Ph.D. degree:

I. Preliminary Conference

  1. Formulation of degree plan with faculty advisor.

II. Comprehensive Exams

  • All Ph.D. candidates must successfully complete a comprehensive exam.
  • As procedures for comprehensive exams will vary by graduate concentration, be sure to consult the individual concentrations for comprehensive exam guidelines.
  • Upon completion of the comprehensive exam the student may begin work on the doctoral dissertation.

III. The Doctoral Dissertation

  • All Ph.D. candidates must successfully complete a Doctoral Dissertation.

III. Appointment of Doctoral Committee and Approval of Dissertation Topic

  1. The doctoral (dissertation) committee consists of at least five members, at least three of whom are members of the core psychology faculty (non-emeritus faculty who hold tenure-track or tenured faculty positions at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa and whose primary departmental affiliation is with the Department of Psychology), and one of whom is a member of the Graduate Faculty from a department other than Psychology.
  2. The student submits a written proposal to doctoral committee members. An oral defense of the dissertation proposal is subsequently held.
  3. Send an email with your committee members 24 hours before your defense date.
  4. After successfully defending the proposal, the student submits Doctorate Form II: Advancement to Candidacy (available online) (signed by the members of the dissertation committee) to the Graduate Chair, who signs it and transmits it to the Office of Graduate Education.
  5. The dissertation proposal must be approved and Form II submitted prior to the semester in which the student plans to register for PSY 800 (dissertation).

IV. Dissertation Writing and Oral Defense

  1. Students must submit a dissertation draft to all doctoral committee members, which is subject to revisions.
  2. Upon completion of dissertation revisions, an oral defense of the dissertation is held.
  3. Send an email with your committee members 24 hours before your defense date.
  4. After the dissertation is approved by the student’s doctoral committee, the student must then submit a Doctorate Form III - Dissertation Evaluation (available online) to the Chair of Graduate Studies.

VI. Completion of Office of Graduate Education Requirements

  1. Students must submit of final copy of the dissertation to the Office of Graduate Education. Students must also submit a Doctorate Form IV - Dissertation Submission (available online) with their final copy of the dissertation.
  2. Note: The deadline for dissertation submission varies slightly each semester and is given in the academic calendar of the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa.
  3. Students must complete an application for diploma and pay associated administrative fees.

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