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How Education Has Impacted My Life Essay

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What is education? According to Webster’s Dictionary education is defined as, (noun) 1: the action or process of being educating or of being educated, 2: the field of study that deals mainly with methods of teaching and learning in schools. What does education provide for us? How important is education in today’s society?
Education is the very foundation in which we as individuals grow, and formulate the knowledge we gain through life into meaningful ways of adapting to the world.
Education is very important in the sense that in today’s society, there is not much success without education. Education allows us to grow and learn intellectually. It gives us the ability to enhance our perception of the world as we see it, and construct our…show more content…

Up until I got into high school. I actually enjoyed school prior to my transition into high school. I was a B student and quite happy with a 3.0 GPA. At the time, I really did not give my education much thought. In other words, I did not think about my future then, and education had little value in the great scheme of life. However, I still enjoyed school, and had perfect attendance not missing a day unless it was absolutely a must. Unless I had a rare case of some unforeseen sickness as to keep from infecting others with some viscous illness I was suffering from at the time. It was not until I made the big move into that hierarchy of education that really changed my mind. This new experience of education was so different, so terrifying, so difficult, and overwhelming that I felt there was nothing else to do, but stop attending. I failed so miserably bad it cracked and crumbled the very foundation in which I spent the last nine years constructing. Without this foundation, I was nothing, I was stupid, and had nothing to offer.
This caused much heartache for several years to come. This also triggered the biggest regret of my entire life, along with feeding a horrible addiction that began with marijuana and ended with methamphetamines. Had I stayed in the game, and not thrown in the towel, I would have graduated a year ahead of all my friends. I would have been primed and ready for the world at the ripe age of seventeen. This sent me into an

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The Effects of Poverty on Education Essay

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In today’s world people need to compete globally for jobs and one of the most important factors in getting a good paying job is education. However, even the best schools cannot overcome some of the obstacles placed in front of the students that walk through their doors. Poverty, chaotic home environments, discrepancies in exposure to technology, and lack of funding for schools all negatively impact the effort to educate children. In today’s economic environment even the wealthiest states and districts are having to cut funding for education, while districts which were already teetering on the edge are now in an even worse position. In some schools children have to face not having enough books, paper for copies, severe overcrowding,…show more content…

With the current recession and foreclosure crisis, more families are facing homelessness than ever before. This presents additional struggles for children and the schools who educate them. Since many of the students have no fixed place to stay, they could bounce from school to school providing no stability for education, or in some areas these children are transported back to their original home school sometimes causing kids to be on busses for long commutes. When children face a lack of stability in the classroom it is easier to fall behind, and teachers might only begin to see deficiencies in skills after observing work for a while it could lead a student to fall further behind every day. Even when children have a stable home there are other family life factors that can affect their progress at school. Child neglect, drugs, alcohol, gangs, violence, and hunger can all have a significant impact on how children learn both at school and at home. A child’s first educational experience should be at home, however with increasing use of drugs and alcohol, and sometimes unintentional neglect from not being able to afford quality daycare means that some children entering the classroom are woefully unprepared. Although poverty affects every nationality there are races that traditionally are more

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