Swallows Charter Academy Classes And Homework

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  • Mrs. Robin Abbott
    ELL Teacher
  • Ms. Kelli Archuleta
    MS Social Studies Teacher
    B.S. International Business, M.A. History
  • Mr. Jason Burns
    Music Teacher
  • Mrs. Janna Burns
    Math/Music Teacher
  • Mrs. Martina Cahill
    MS English
    M.S.Ed. K-12 Literacy, B.S. Elementary Education
  • Mrs. Juana (Liz) Campos
    Kindergarten Teacher
    Associat of Applied Science: Early Childhood Education Specialist
  • Mrs. Torie Carter
    HS History Teacher
  • Mr. Clinton Ferguson
    HS Math Teacher
  • Mrs. Holly Geesaman
    2nd Grade Teacher
    BA Elementary Education, University of Northern Colorado
  • Ms. Cindy Gehlhar
    4th Grade Teacher
  • Mrs. Brandi JackSon
    MS in Criminology, BS in Computer Information Systems, BS Sociology/Criminology
  • Mrs. Debbie Jackson
    MA Elementary Reading & Literacy
  • Ms. Cydney Kramer
    6th grade Math/Science Teacher
  • Mrs. Kim Lucero
    Achievement Specialist
  • Mrs. Kelly Maher
    5th Grade Teacher
  • Mrs. Tonya Marsh
  • Mrs. Lisa Medved
    BA Psychology, University of Denver, Minors in History and Business, University of Denver, Teacher Certification, Colorado State University-Pueblo
  • Mrs. Anne Ochs
    Technology Teacher/Yearbook Advisor
  • Mrs. Sarah Pecoraro
    2nd Grade teacher
  • Mr. Ed Pfannenstiel
    MS Math
  • Mr. Beau Reed
    HS English
    English / Criminal Justice / Firefighting / CTE (Pending) / Masters of Education (2018)
  • Mrs. Susan Russell
    4th Grade Teacher
  • Ms. Terri Simonich
    Gifted Education Specialist
    B.S. Colorado State University - Pueblo
  • Mrs. Kathleen Smith
    5th Grade Teacher
  • Mr. Jacob Storey
    6th Grade Teacher
  • Mrs. Deanna Storm
    3rd Grade Teacher
  • Mrs. Donna Thomas
    1st Grade teacher
  • Mr. Christopher Trujillo
    Paraprofessional, Teacher
  • Ms. Gina Unwin
    HS Science
    Masters of Applied Natural Science
  • Mrs. Delores Vigil
    1sr Grade Teacher
  • Mr. Ethan Ward
    K-12 PE
  • Mrs. Brenda Winters
    ESS teacher
  • Mr. James Wolnick
    Art Teacher
About Swallows Charter Academy

Parents and students are required to sign a contract promising to adhere to the rules and code of the school. Parental commitment is key at SCA. The school is not part of or near any public transportation and students are not bussed by District No. 70, thus parents provide transportation.  SCA has a K-5 Elementary and 6-8 Middle School
Swallows Charter Academy was established in 1996 and is part of Pueblo School District No. 70.  The school is governed by its own independent Board. The school's mission is clearly defined in its charter. That mission "is to help guide students in development of their character and academic potential through academically rigorous, content-rich educational programs built around a spirit of community.
SCA is a public school designed for grades K-12. Our K-10 students are housed at 278 S McCulloch Boulevard and 101 Civic Center Drive respectively in Pueblo West.  Each teacher has his or her own classroom and students share a common area for lunch and activities. The school has its own library, a piano lab, two Mac labs, and a PC computer lab. We also have 4 mobile carts of laptops to be used in classrooms. Classes are capped at 24 students.  The 11th & 12th grades are concurrently enrolled at Pueblo Community College or CSU-Pueblo and attend classes following their own individual schedules. The 11th & 12th grades have the opportunity to earn an Associates degree with a High School Diploma.   
The Homestead Act of 1862 helped build the town formerly known as Swallows, Colorado.  The town school educated hundreds of children, thus the name attributed to the current charter academy.  The Swallows Cemetery Association includes original settlers that willingly share their stories of those days. The association maintains the cemetery created after the original graves from the Swallows cemetery were moved to avoid flooding by the reservoir water. This cemetery, while not on Lake Pueblo State Park land, overlooks the north-end of the reservoir from the state wildlife area and is quickly accessed from the park.

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